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WEALTH MANAGEMENT Failing to plan is planning to fail
We listen to your needs and help you create your financial life plan that’s built around your life, your family and your priorities

Planning Your Financial Goals

Create a financial life plan focused on your goals
Will help you create a plan with your aims in mind, discussing different areas to provide you with the best possible solutions, with clear recommendations for your future.

Ensure that your plan takes the right direction
We will assist you closely and help you put your ideas into practice and ensure you are taking the right steps towards your desired direction.

Use our knowledge for the best possible outcome
Our years of experience in this sector helps us to sail through the complex challenges we face every day in the world of investments. We believe that combining our experience together with your enthusiasm and ideas can help us ensure you meet your goals.

Questions you might consider

  • What is the lifestyle I can afford without risking my future standard of living?
  • Should I save money for a long term project or make my dream purchase now?
  • How will my investment decisions impact on the future of my children?
  • Will my family benefit from my financial decisions is something happens to me?
  • What decisions can I take to leave a succession plan for my future generations?

Our strategic approach will help you put your mind at rest

Listen to your needs 
We will give you the time you need to explain your situations. We will listen and act accordingly.

Planning is a journey. We can assist you through our expertise to navigate the roads that lead you to achieve you desired aims.

Based on your profile, we will help you understand and make the right investment decisions suitable for your needs.

A plan is not complete without adjusting and tuning the chords according to the reality out there. Let us help you make progress and adjust your targets as necessary.


Provide access to a world of investment opportunities
We help you get access to the investment world out there.

Information based on experience
We will use our years of experience to help you understand what products are best for you, and which are the most cost-effective investments you can do.

Executing your orders
Providing you with all the necessary information and opinions on the markets, we will than carry on with your preferred investment strategy that will help you achieve your goals

Questions you might consider

Why invest through MPM?
What investments can I choose?
What are the risks of the investments?
What charges are involved?
Do I need to be an expert in the field?
Are the investments long-term?

Getting Started

Get to know us better

Every client has his/her own needs and carries a personal baggage of experiences. That’s why the most important thing is to meet the client in person. Listen and understand their situation. That is our starting point.

Who benefits from our services?

Corporate Owners
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It all starts with a conversation. Contact us to set up an appointment.

Call us on +356 21493250 or email us to info@mpmci.net